Heh. After posting in-depth on the topic of grit and stick-to-itivness, I promptly dropped off the face of the planet for 9 months.

However, that 9 months wasn't without merit. I mean, sure, there was an awful lot of Netflix watched, but it's not like that's ALL I did. Only like 80%.

  • I got a new job, with a super great company, and I'm happy with work for the first time in a long time.
  • I did half of VEDA, but due to many things, I dropped out around day 19. Here's to next year!
  • I finished making my side-business website on Squarespace, and it's pretty great. Not that I'm biased or anything.

And what's more, I decided maybe I should start writing again. I know. I say that like every time I post. But between the blog here, and the blog at the business site, you can maybe find some letterwords that fall out of my mindbrain. Oh. God. I've forgotten how this works, I think. CAN WORDS? WORD TYPES