Since I got a new job in May I have, for the first time, had any kind of significant commute. I drive about 45-50 minutes each way to get to work and back.

Despite the fact that I drive alone, I've made a friend. A brother in arms. A fellow Road Warrior on the grand MMO that is the daily commute.

I call him Bill, since that's the first name of the man who owns the HVAC repair company this van belongs to. He's much larger than I am, but far less agile. I like to think he's the tank to my rogue. But I see him every day, and we share the commute for about 70% of the way.

I meet up with him as he gets on the highway just a few minutes from my house, and he takes the exit just before I do. I don't know if he notices I'm on the road next to him, but since his large van is emblazoned with his company colors, it'd be hard to miss every day.

I don't know if it's just the small joy and comfort that comes from sameness and routine or if it's just nice knowing I'm not the only one too tired be on the road, but I rather enjoy the time I get to spend with Bill in the mornings. Because I know that I've ever got an HVAC emergency on the way to work, he's got my back.