When I was in middle school, I found myself enthralled with the twists and turns and drama and melodrama of professional wrestling. While I was in awe of the physical prowess of these people, I think more than that I enjoyed the larger-than-life antics the ring brought to bear. It was fierce, and theatrical, and who could resist that?

Of the many wrestlers I enjoyed, I think I was most enamored of The Road Dogg Jesse James. While I couldn't tell you why now, I was particularly fond of his signature move, Shake, Rattle, and Roll. So fond, in fact, I found myself practicing this move, theatrical eflluence included.

That is, until I was practicing this particular move in the living room one day, only to turn around and find my dad watching, laughing, and telling me I had learned that dance quite well.

At the time, I was mortified, and maybe a little mad that he called it a dance, but, well. You can judge for yourself.